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*Applying is free, once we find a match for you we will present the online business mentor and mentee and, upon acceptance, charge a one-time connection fee. You can always say no! Fee depends on the expertise you get access to. When you accept the connection you are committed to spend at least 1-hour mentoring your mentee and 1-hour with your new found mentor.

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How we're going to help you

HiveMentor will initially focus on helping Online Business Owners finding mentors and mentees FAST.

We’ll do this by getting to know you and your current position (business/skillset), and matching people above (mentors) and below (mentees) to you. You give an hour of mentorship, you get an hour of mentorship. It’s that simple.

Below are a few main categories that we’re going to connect our members in. If you are an online business owner and you don’t see your category, please apply regardless, these are examples. You probably have more to offer.


Work less and achieve more. People out there have fully automated their business already. Just ask and learn.


Cracking hard problems? Awesome. Someone out there knows the language and thought process.

Online Marketing

Google Ads, SEO, CRO, SMM, E-mail marketing etc. Someone out there knows how to do it better.

Textual communication

We're not asking you to write the next #1 best-seller but being clear in the way you communicate can directly impact your bottom line.


Pay less and achieve the same results or put an entire team on a task. Some people literally outsource everything, so can you.

Customer Happiness

Increase return orders and overal LTV, decrease confusion and increase the chance of your company still existing in 5 years. Someone has insight.

Network growth

"Your network is your net worth" a smart person once said. So learning how to do this literally enlarges your bank account.


If you don't control your balance sheet, it controls you. Ask someone to shine some light.


The ability to close a deal unlike anyone else. You first learn it from someone else -> your mentor.

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This is a highly personalised experience which we will set up for you because we really want this to kind of service exist. Did we mention it's free mentorship?