Peer-to-peer mentorship on steroids.

Personal mentorship for online business owners with a growth mindset. HiveMentor will connect you to entrepreneurs just like you with a growth mindset to get you the next level.

At HiveMentor we are committed to your business succes. We only win when you win.

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The more you give, the more you gain.

Get access to entrepreneurs who are on your level and looking to grow. The ones burning with desire to get to the next stage 🔥

This is why you need HiveMentor:

  • Ditch distractive platforms like facebook groups
  • Connect with like minded entrepreneurs
  • Our goal is to move you and your hive forward to higher tiers
  • Million dollar deals have been closed in a hive
  • World changing partnerships have been made in a hive
  • Lasting friendships have begun
  • Ventures have been build by hivemembers

Value Based Pricing

We'll help you level up

Tier 1

Very new to entrepreneurship
$ 19 Monthly
  • Hive of 20 people (T1)
  • Access to quick win resources and tips
  • Access to our Internal Knowledge Boards
  • Access to our Community Knowledge Board
  • Connect with everyone within Hivementor

Tier 2

Getting somewhere!
$ 49 Monthly
  • Hive of 20 people (T2)
  • Access to quick win resources and tips
  • Access to our Internal Knowledge Boards
  • Access to our Community Knowledge Board
  • Connect with everyone within Hivementor
  • Weekly Structural Growth Meetings
  • 1 Monthly Guided Coaching session

Tier 3

Things are getting serious
$ 79 Monthly
  • Hive of 15 people (T3)
  • Access to quick win resources and tips
  • Access to our Internal Knowledge Boards
  • Access to our Community Knowledge Board
  • Connect with everyone within Hivementor
  • Weekly Structural Growth Meetings
  • 2 Monthly Guided Coaching sessions
  • Collaboration opportunities

Tier 4

Becoming legendary
$ 149 Monthly
  • Hive of 10 people (T4)
  • Access to quick win resources and tips
  • Access to our Internal Knowledge Boards
  • Access to our Community Knowledge Board
  • Connect with everyone within Hivementor
  • Weekly Structural Growth Meetings
  • 2 Monthly Guided Coaching sessions
  • Collaboration opportunities
  • Exclusive Discounts (f.ex. 1-on-1 coaching)
  • 2 Hour Expert Masterclasses to join & rewatch
  • Your own VIP Hive membership

Get started on your journey of growth

Currently, HiveMentor is invite only.

Apply for free to get access to a 14 day free trial. We might check up with you shortly before you get an invite to keep our community strong. 

Applying is 100% free of charge.

How we're going to help you

HiveMentor will initially focus on helping Online Business Owners and startup owners find mentors FAST.

We’ll do this by getting to know you and your current position (business/skillset), and matching you to the right people to move the needle. 

Below are a few main categories that we’re going to connect our members in. If you are an online business owner and you don’t see your category, please apply regardless, these are just some examples. 


Work less and achieve more. People out there have fully automated their business already. Just ask and learn.


Cracking hard problems? Awesome. Someone out there knows the language and thought process.

Online Marketing

Google Ads, SEO, CRO, SMM, E-mail marketing etc. Someone out there knows how to do it better.


We're not asking you to write the next #1 best-seller but being clear in the way you communicate can directly impact your bottom line.


Pay less and achieve the same results or put an entire team on a task. Some people literally outsource everything, so can you.

Customer Happiness

Increase return orders and overal LTV, decrease confusion and increase the chance of your company still existing in 5 years. Someone has insight.

Network growth

"Your network is your net worth" a smart person once said. So learning how to do this literally enlarges your bank account.


If you don't control your balance sheet, it controls you. Ask someone to shine some light.


The ability to close a deal unlike anyone else. You first learn it from someone else -> your mentor.

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Ready to connect to your online business mentors?

Apply to get started with HiveMentor, you will get matched to a new Hive within 10 business days.


Most frequent questions and answers

Whether you are a start up, a small business owner, have a successful organization or are CEO of a (large and international) company, everyone gains from being mentored (or coached) within Hivementor. You will expand your skill set no matter what. Mentors help you to become the best version of yourself and how to make the best out of your business. At HiveMentor, we are committed to your business success. 

All HiveMentor coaches are carefully selected for their outstanding careers and experience in business, leadership and critical advice. We provide direct access to their expertise and experience in a number of areas. This ensures you receive valuable information specific to your level and business. Mentors provide their support primarily out of mutual interest, out of a sense of positive contribution to a growing business and expanding their professional network. Mentors provide tangible support to mentees’ businesses, including reviewing documents, optimizing and streamlining their business and provide a strategy for bringing in new clients.

A Hive is the place to meet fellow Hivers (or other entrepreneurs), and tell your Hive all there is to know about you and, of course, your (future) business! You’ll be in direct contact with fellow entrepreneurs who are on your level and want to grow. Those who are burning with desire to move to the next stage. 

Entrepreneurs who have gone before you have closed (million dollar) deals and found long term partners to take their business to the next level. You will have a place and a support group with like-minded people to get the most out of your business, with everything else we have to offer!

The lesser people in a hive, the more personal time and attention you receive during your valuable coaching sessions. Lesser people in a Hive also increases focus, the quality of your connections with the others in your Hive and will bring you the biggest results.  So when you are in Tier 4 you get the most benefits including more personal attention to you and your business.

In all our lives, growth is crucial. Personal growth. Growth in business. More, faster, more expensive, bigger. We are always working on that next step. To achieve these goals faster, quick wins are incredibly important. They help you achieve a desired result faster and easier, without having to turn everything over or focus on the smallest details.

Quick Win Resources can help you, both personally and professionally, grow faster and more enjoyably. You can find here all kinds of Quick Win Recourses (Think about: team development, conflict management, delegating, planning (time management) and so much more individual skills that can improve you at your business and as a human) for you to learn!

Tips & Tricks are our way to get you up and running as fast as possible. No long reads or long videos with in-depth information. But fast reads or smaller videos to maximize your time with valuable information!

Knowledge Boards are our gems to provide you with in-depth information. We researched every topic for you in depth. We give you the information in a structured way so that it is easy to read but still packed with information that you can really use. We have an introduction per topic, explaining the topic to you in detail why it is an important topic and how you can use it for your business. On top of that we give you various in-depth links & resources to further deepen your understanding of the topic.

Your weekly structural growth meeting should be used to set goals, discuss next steps, and assign tasks for the week. These types of meetings are valuable and can keep you busy throughout the week. This weekly moment within your Hive will be short and sweet and get you all set for the week ahead. It keeps you determined, focussed and ready for progress.

Coaching is the cornerstone of our dedication towards your growth and journey. We have handpicked top tier coaches to guide you towards your goals through monthly or bi-weekly group coaching sessions. 

Regular interactions with your mentor in addition to monthly (or bi-weekly) group coaching will get you even further. Get feedback on your documents when needed. Team development, conflict management, individual skills, delegation, planning (time management) and much more that can improve you in your business and as a person. 

Many other topics (you can also provide your own input if you have wishes within your Hive!) also pass by. Think for example of Automation, Networking, Leadership, Financial matters, Marketing, Sales, Customer happiness etc. Even personal coaching (against a very good discounted price) is an option when you really need some 1 on 1 help.

We want to provide you with in depth knowledge of a range of diverse topics; 

  • Project management, 
  • organizational psychology, 
  • change management, 
  • strategic management, 
  • effective influencing and persuasion, 
  • HR management, 
  • Risk management, 
  • Business control.
  • And many more.

You also of course could make suggestions so we can provide you with the best knowledge possible! When signed up you have access to all of the previous Masterclasses we have.

You will get a 20% discount on personal coaching. Regular pricing is 200 dollars per 1 hour session. You will pay only 140 dollars if you are a tier 4 member.

Canceling a subscription is very simple. All you have to do is send us an e-mail at in which you tell us that you want to cancel your subscription. We will send you a confirmation email and that’s it!

Absolutely! You can upgrade your subscription to a higher tier by simply letting us know on! By this you can benefit from (more) coaching as soon as your next billing cycle commends. You can also downgrade your tier in the same manner in case you want to slow things down a notch.