The world we're striving towards.

In a world that’s getting increasingly connected, there’s tremendous value in guidance through the noise. We strive to work towards a world where technology understands your needs and helps you get to a human solution in a heartbeat.

Who We Are

A group of young professionals putting the needs of our customers as our very first priority.

Our Mission

Connect online business owners to great mentors and empower them in their growth needs.

What We Do

We are building a free platform that solves the problem of finding effective mentors to help online business owners get to the next level quickly.

Current state & Future plans

HiveMentor started as a small idea to solve a problem we’ve been experiencing ourselves – finding great mentors for free and give back. After talking to people in the entrepreneurship space we’ve discovered that this was actually a big problem that needs a solution. 

Currently we’re at a point where we’ve developed initial roadmap that will get us to MVP. We’ve decided on our focus audience and have build relationships to get things going. We’re literally going to help people connect and manage this through a spreadsheet to get initial learnings before our platform is built out. Currently looking for investment & a technical co-founder (contact us). 

Future plan is to have a fully-fledged platform with great matching algorithms and built-in tools to connect, mentor, collaborate and get our users to the next level FAST.

Our values


Customers first

Creating customer succes and happiness will be our number one priority. Get rid if your ego, because we will follow our customers.



Enabling our customers and our employees to have a voice and become the heroes of their own journey.


The long term

We base our decisions on the long-term impact our company has, and strive to instill long-term thinking in every decision.



In order to do great work, one must work on themselves. Being reflective and present with yourself holds tremendous value.



All actions have consequence. Being mindful about this towards co-workers and customers will ensure great longevity.


Everything's possible

We push ourselves beyond our limits to achieve anything we set our minds to and challenge each other to do better.

Collaborate or apply for CTO co-founder role?

Let us know what drives you and what you've done in the past. We'll get back to you within 24h.